The Phoenician Resort and Spa
Scottsdale, AZ
Houston Tyner
Photos Courtesy of The Phoenician
Interior Design
Parker Torres
2019 IESNA

The Phoenician Resort renovation and new construction spa features warm finishes, organic textures, shimmer, and sultry contrast to visualize the mythical phoenix, symbolizing lifecycles and rebirth. The design team was tasked with reimagining a modern luxury experience while maintaining the hotel’s ethos.

The lobby lighting provides a welcoming, uplifting experience. Above check-in desks, illuminated ceiling coves visually heighten the space. Programmed scenes shift the lighting until, at night, the space transforms into the lobby bar. Low-end dimming creates flexibility.

At the spa entrance, a suspended glass sculpture in the atrium glows under accent lighting. A custom, wall-mounted sculpture is backlit with LED tape. Matching the curvature of the wall and integrating lighting and controls required several mockups. The post-treatment lounge is dimly lit with fireplaces for a relaxed ambience.