Square 37
Washington, DC
TEN Arquitectos | Architect of Record: WDG Architect
David Ghatan/CM KLING | Ryan Smith/CM KLING
Interior Design
Custom Luminaire Designer: Ingo Mauer

Luxury residential building features a cantilevered glass façade, indoor living wall, and avant-garde art. The lighting designer worked directly with an international artist on multiple light art installations.
In the East Lobby a two-story luminous surface wraps the underside of the mezzanine level. The luminous wall and the decorative light pendant – a cosmic explosion of pop culture – provide most of the lighting in the space and are integrated into the controls system for easy operation and maintenance.

A 50-foot living wall is sustained with a lighting system that required extensive research, customization, and collaboration with a green wall consultant. The source, output, CCT, controls, duration, and maintenance are specified in detail. Specific colors in the light spectrum – particularly blue – sustain healthy plant growth. Dynamic white, surface-mounted directional luminaires provide a range of wavelengths (2700K to 6500K). Programmed scenes transition from bright, cool white light for plants to human-centric lighting at peak traffic times in the morning and evening.