Sands Capital Management
Arlington, VA
OTJ Architects
Eric Laignel courtesy of OTJ Architects
2017 IES Candela

The new Sands Capital Management office emphasizes connection and collaboration. The office’s main feature is a showpiece glass staircase surrounded by the best panoramic views of Washington DC.

CM KLING designed a custom, 4-story LED chandelier suspended in the heart of the staircase. Crystals are individually lit and asymmetrically suspended for a dynamic effect. And as sunlight moves, the crystals create a beautiful sparkle throughout the day. The common spaces each have distinct designs and the lighting was used to creates visual consistency. The effect transports employees and clients out of the city to a modern mountain lodge. Vertical washes with linear LED fixtures enhance the knotted woods which wrap from floor to ceiling and warm leather finishes. Delicate decorative fixtures create subtle accents. Kinetic, industrial lighting fixtures with filament lamps, blackened steel and oil-rubbed bronze finishes create comfortable meetings spaces. Cozy nooks are established with large, low, metal pendants. Downlights are low-glare and mostly hidden.