New York Plaza Hotel
New York, NY
Bruce Buck
Interior Design
2015 IESNA | 2015 IES Candela

Tasked to reinvent the New York Palace Hotel, our team was charged with designing lighting for the hotel public spaces, reception, and lounges. The newly white washed two-story lobby is a welcoming atmosphere for guests while maintaining the luxurious ambiance of the historic hotel. A custom glass chandelier is stippled with LEDs coordinated by the lighting designer. Uplighting is integrated in molding to bring out the rich, decorative ceilings.

The lobby lounge provides an intimate seating space adjacent to the grand lobby. Cove lights highlight feature walls while decorative lighting sparks visual interest. An addition for the hotel is the low light level, feature cocktail bar which is up-lit from the footrest creating a stunning first impression. Bottles illuminated from below provide a focal point.
Custom wine shelves run floor to ceiling and are illuminated with color-changing enhanced with white
LED fixtures mounted behind the bottles. Luminaires are located on top and bottom and, through
programming, create effects like murals of varying hues with the bottles in silhouette.