Music City Center
Nashville, TN
tvsdesign | Tuck Hinton | Moody Nolan
Photos courtesy of tvsdesign | Brian Gassel Photography | Nick Merrick | Hedrich Blessing 2013 | Wolf Hoffman
2015 IESNA | 2015 IES Candela

Nashville’s new Music City Center redefines the convention center and the preconception that the gathering place is required to be a lifeless box. To complement the musical culture of Nashville, the design mimics the construction of a musical instrument. At over 35m tall and 120,000m2 this impressive structure feels both grand and human simultaneously.

Every facet of the lighting design reinforces and expresses these guiding lyrics. Patterns and rhythms of light accent the unique architecture. Across a variety of spaces – from meeting room to concourse –lighting is one of the critical unifying elements using a refined palate of lighting as architectural notes, not just lumens.

The light radiates out from the building as if music was flowing from its interior core. The lighting creates the connection between the structure’s monumental scale to the human experience by selectively revealing features of the building, landscape and artwork for the enjoyment of all users. Environmental goals were met without sacrificing experience and the building attained LEED gold certification.

The Music City Center lighting creates a warm, inviting atmosphere using the principles of musical rhythms.