Marriott Oceanfront Virginia Beach Hotel
Virginia Beach, VA
Cooper Carry
Rick Lew
Interior Design
Design Continuum Incorporated

Materials and color palettes, inspired by the natural surroundings, are paired with curated art throughout the public and guest spaces. The lighting of artwork was carefully coordinated. Accent lights and wallwashers ensure that each piece shines.
Reception features a patterned green wall integrated into a trellis structure. Tiny in-ground uplights accent and enhance texture. Floating, sparkly decorative pendants act as a focal point.
Potted plants are suspended among the decorative industrial-style pendants in the restaurant. Discreet spotlights add highlights to architectural elements. Bar face lighting and bottle display lighting are all included to create a focal point at the bar.
The ballroom includes custom GFRG ceiling panels with high output cove lights with asymmetric distribution to illuminate the panels, even at the largest spans. This layer of light is complemented with high output cylinder downlights integrated into the panel structure to ensure these were centered on the panel opening.
Careful attention was paid to allowing the materiality, ocean views, or curated artworks take center stage. The lighting is an exercise in creating playful and layered experiences without depending on traditional decorative lighting.