Dulles South Multi-Purpose Center/South Riding, VA
South Riding, VA
Thomas Holdsworth | Angelica Santana/CM KLING

Dulles South Recreation is a multi-purpose community and aquatic center. CM KLING introduced economical, easy-to-maintain, architecturally-integrated lighting installations.

A monumental “lightning strike” installation – a symbol of energy and power – courses through public areas and corridors.

The competition-level pool required natatorium-grade luminaires with low-glare and high light levels for maximum visibility. An indirect LED product with the required high lumen output did not exist at the time of design. A custom, two-head luminaire was developed with a wall mount bracket that allows each head to be angled independently for optimal throw to the ceiling. A shroud is mounted around the fixture for a clean aesthetic. Additional downlighting at the start-finish area meets competition requirements.

The leisure pool and kids area are illuminated with the same custom luminaires. The clerestory, above, glows with an innovative application of steplights installed as uplights.