399 Congress
Seaport District, Boston, MA
Stantec Architecture | SGA Architect
Photos Courtesy of Crescent Heights | Bret Clancy, Courtesy of Crescent Heights | Roni Lancaster/CM KLING
Crescent Heights

The NEMA Boston residence is a modern, showcase property that “feels like home.”

The lobby creates a comfortable glow visible from the street. Architectural elements are accented by louvered downlight and integrated millwork lighting. Angled steel beams illuminated from inground uplights and ceiling mount accent lights.

The rooftop fireplace lounge combines warm finishes with warm lighting for a relaxing environment. Decorative fixtures pop through laser-cut metal panels, reflecting light off the brass finish for additional warmth.

The showcase, custom fixture in the coworking space recalls Bauhaus design and provides a glow that is easy to work under but not so bright to feel like a day at the office.

The fitness spaces feature no-glare, semi-recessed, round, diffused lights so fitness aficionados are never blinded by the light source in the middle of a yoga pose. The fixtures are installed at playful angles to add energy and movement to the space.

On the exterior, a line of light delineates the edge of the entrance canopy. Wood panels at the entrance are grazed creating a natural warmth and preview residential feel inside.