Watergate Hotel


Washington, D.C.


Ron Arad Architects LTD.



Watergate Hotel

The iconic Watergate Hotel’s recent renovation features curvilinear forms to create movement in the design and pay tribute to vision of the original architect, Luigi Moretti. The experience is inviting with depth and complexity from the play in space, finish, color and material.


The whiskey bar sparkles in gold light from a floor-to-ceiling curved wall of whiskey bottles. The custom stainless steel frame incorporates individual uplights underneath each bottle.

The lobby features twisted bronze cords (in high-polish and matte finishes). By lighting the vertical surfaces, the space is cast in a warm glow.

The new Kingbird Restaurant is an open two-story dining room with soaring stainless steel columns and spring-like pendants which appear to float against a polished, black Venetian plaster ceiling. The spring-inspired chandeliers later became the hotel’s new logo.


Wireless control stations and a partially-customized interface with hotel branding allow staff to manage the lighting by recalling preset scenes, as well as manual override for special events.

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