Fairmont Washington, DC


Washington, DC


Forrest Perkins

Fairmont Washington DC

The Fairmont Washington D.C. in the West End neighborhood renovated the lobby, including reception and the lobby bar. The design, inspired by the city, features abstract aerial images of the city. The pronounced street grid and powerful Potomac River are in surfaces, materials, prints, and textiles to create a deep
sense of place. Warm-hues and varied textures emphasize the grandeur and welcoming energy.

Behind the reception desk, a glittering map of the city in reflective and matte tiles is washed with light for a rich, atmospheric effect. In the lobby, ceiling coves add visual hierarchy and height to low ceilings. Handmade rugs woven with images of Washington, DC and the Potomac River stand out under the soft illumination.

The lobby lounge is delicately accented with textures, shapes, reflections, light, and shadows. An enormous, custom chandelier undulates through the full length of the space comprised of 675 individually-suspended, mixed-metal shapes. Accent lights highlight and produce shadow play on the walls. Suspended, custom LED point lights create sparkle. The effect is geometric, organic, and shimmering. At the far end, the bar anchors the space and provides visual focus.

The lighting transitions from morning to evening to night, imperceptibly, for an experience that feels just right. A lighting controls system transitions the time clock-triggered scenes slowly and seamlessly.

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