Eau Spa-Ritz Carlton


Palm Beach, FL


Interior Design RTKL Associates, Inc.

Eau Spa, Ritz Carlton

From the beginning, this spa was to be different; tasked to create a spa that mesmerizes the senses into a state of awe.

Following a theme of a Neo-Baroque adult wonderland, the Eau Spa aimed to create a world outside that of the hotel. A place where you check-in and stay the whole day.

Lighting Design was provided for the spa, retail, fitness, salon, relaxation lounges, and treatment rooms.

The courtyard can transform for special events.

A polished stainless steel sundial straddles the 2” deep pool. The underside of the sundial is perforated with the phrase “love yourself.” We worked closely with the architect and the sculptor to install fiber optic lighting and a reflector inside the sundial so that the writing would be reflected in the still water at night.

The grand rotunda reception space includes a 30’ tall copper leaf dome with an central oculus. Both levels of the dome have dimmable warm white LED coves.
As part of the spa experience each treatment room can change color. Guests can chose from an array of preset colors and various “shows” including sunset- a slow fade through warm oranges and reds, under water- a fade through blues and greens.

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