West Daily Parking Lot


Charlotte, North Carolina


Wilson Group, LS3P Associates


Carolina Photo Group

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

The new, five-level, one million-square-ft structure establishes an attractive, safe, and secure environment even for people who are not in their cars. The tightly choreographed relationship between architecture and lighting helps explain the award-winning achievement. Perforated metal panels, back-lighted blue, match the airport’s accent color and offer visibility to meet airport safety requirements while revealing the trusses behind them. Concrete columns, grazed with white light, contrast with the panels. Circular penetrations in entry/exit helix barrier walls are fitted with blue LED signal lights programmed to chase around the helix, mimicking the path of a driver and adding a dynamic element to the design. Other examples of lighting defining spaces can be found throughout the parking decks, elevator lobbies and stairwells.

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