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BC Place Stadium

Phase II renovations of the iconic BC Place stadium included a full redesign of the lighting using color-changing RGB LED. And the original roof was replaced with a spectacular, cable-supported, retractable roof. The largest of its kind in the world.

CM KLING + ASSOCIATES INC worked with the architect on an in-depth review of the stadium-goer’s experience. The 38,000 sq meter retractable roof allows BC Place guests to experience the sports stadium under 7500 square meters of open sky. The transparent façade allows viewers to see the HD scoreboard from outside the stadium.

Lighting the roof & facade

Programmed light shows for the roof and the facade in color-changing LED are dedicated to the home sports teams and the stadium itself. BC Place can change the look and feel of the stadium for interacting with guests, passerbys, and the Vancouver skyline.

Lighting the structure

The steel structure that holds up the roof is accented with a point of light at the top of each vertical cable. The effect is a controllable starfield which sets off the building against the night sky. Special programming – tied to the sports events inside the stadium – control signals to the lighting. Like fireworks when the home team scores.

Video of the stadium can be found here:

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